Charitable gift annuities offer you the chance to give and receive. In this case, you give $25,000 or more to help Caltech’s faculty and students change the world with science and technology, and you receive guaranteed fixed payments for life.

All that is required is a simple contract between you and Caltech. In addition to the stream of income, there are tax benefits: You can claim a charitable deduction in the year that you create the annuity, and annuities funded with appreciated securities could offer significant relief from the burden of taxes on capital gains.

The payment rates will vary depending on your age. With recent increases in interest rates recommended by the American Council on Gift Annuities, annual payments are higher now than they were this time last year.


65 5.1%
70 5.6%
75 6.2%
80 7.3%
85 8.3%

*The information in this table is for illustrative purposes and is not intended as tax or legal advice. Rates are subject to change.

If a charitable gift annuity sounds like the right way for you to make an impact with Caltech, start the conversation today by calling (626) 395-2927 or emailing