You can create a permanent link to Caltech by establishing a named endowment, reaching beyond the here-and-now to touch the future of inquiry and innovation. 

The value of endowment gifts at Caltech cannot be overstated. Each person who has established a scholarship, fellowship, professorship, or any other endowment at Caltech is helping researchers and students do their very best work—and in so doing, is changing the world.
Invested in Caltech’s Endowment Investment Pool, these gifts are preserved as principal while the main portion of the investment earnings is spent as you specify in your gift agreement with Caltech. In this way, these gifts offer support to Caltech for generations to come.

Endowments can be funded by planned or outright gifts, or a combination. After creating a gift agreement with Caltech to establish an endowment, you can make contributions to your fund over several years. 
Take a look at ways you can give or contact us to learn more: we are well versed in Caltech’s endowment options and can help you find sophisticated ways to fund a new endowment.