Different benefits come with the varied options for donating your home, second home, rental unit(s), commercial building, undeveloped land, farm, or other real estate to Caltech.  

A gift of real estate could be right for you if:

  • You no longer want responsibility for real estate that you own, you can give it to Caltech anytime.
  • You want to donate your home and continue to live in it, you can transfer ownership to Caltech and stay there as long as you wish.
  • You want periodic payments as a benefit of giving real estate, you can receive income for life through a charitable remainder trust.
  • You want to hold on to some but not all of your real estate, you can keep a portion of it and give the rest to Caltech.
  • You want to retain ownership during your lifetime and give through your estate, you can donate your real estate to Caltech with a bequest.

How It works

Here are some common techniques for making a gift of real estate to Caltech.

  • Give your real estate now.
  • Give your home now, but continue to live in it as long as you wish.
  • Give your real estate now and receive payments for life.
  • Give your real estate through your estate.
  • Give a portion of your real estate and keep the rest.
  • Sell your real estate to us for less than its appraised value.

Consider making a gift of Real Estate. Learn more here.

Please contact us for further information or assistance about a gift of real estate.